300 Words about Essays on Controversial Issues

controversial issues essayEven if you have already completed several essays on controversial issues, this task may still be complicated. Each time you deal with controversial issues essays, you need to do a lot of work:

  • Find enough materials;
  • Study and analyze them;
  • Work out your own position on the matter;
  • Find necessary arguments to support it.

This list can be continued. However, instead we want to list some really important aspects of writing papers on controversial issues.
Take time to come up with a worthy idea for your controversial issues essay
What are some common controversial topics for essays? Abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, and so on. You will agree that these issues have been discussed millions of times, which means adding some brand new ideas is tricky indeed.
So, take time and think of more or less fresh topics to highlight in your essay on controversial issues, e.g.

  • Teens suffering from anorexia;
  • Making drinking age lower/higher;
  • Withdrawing American troops from Iraq, etc.

Choose the type of essays on controversial issues
Usually, argumentative or persuasive types are used for completing essays on controversial issues. So, make sure you know all the peculiarities of both essay types. Here, you will find tips for writing persuasion essays.
Collecting information for your essay on controversial issues
It seems to be a bit ridiculous to remind about it, but some students still tend to ignore this rule. You have to use up-to-date, verified sources for writing your controversial issue essay. Mind that the more sources you have, the better analysis of the problem you can make.
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