Effective Strategies for Thesis Editing

thesis editingWhile writing a thesis, you get involved into your work so that it becomes really difficult to mind the target reader. However, you cannot simply forget about your reader. You have to make everything clear and readable. That is why thesis editing is so important.
In this article, you will find useful tips for thesis editing. Read and consider them while editing your thesis.

  • Make sure subjects and predicates agree in number
    Mostly, students make this mistake in complex sentences. In the process of thesis editing, try to break long sentences into small ones and make sure subjects and predicates agree in number.
  • Check whether all phrases make sense
    Try to look at your paper objectively: are there any meaningless phrases? If you cannot find any, ask your supervisor/friend/mom to read the paper. They will certainly facilitate the thesis editing process.
  • Make sure your sentences are not too vague
    While editing your thesis, it is necessary to replace all vague words, finding those that are precise and express the meaning you wanted to convey. So, try to choose the most appropriate words while editing your thesis.
  • Check sentences
    Some sentences may be incomplete. While thesis editing, check whether all sentences in your paper have both subjects and predicates. Two-member sentences are usually required for such scientific projects.
  • Make sure Active Voice is used more frequently in your paper
    While writing the thesis, you definitely use Passive Voice constructions. Naturally, it is not forbidden to use them. Still, Active Voice is preferable. Mind it while editing your thesis.
  • Pay attention to the use of pronouns
    While editing the thesis, change all personal pronouns “I”, “My” into “They” or “We”. It is one of the rules of using scientific language.

If you think you will not be able to edit your thesis properly, use the services of a custom writing company. A thesis or dissertation editor will proofread your paper and make all necessary corrections.
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