95 Theses: What They Are About

95 ThesesDo you believe in God? What do you think about church? Is it a place where God is waiting for people to confess? Is it a place where churchmen have more rights than other people? If these questions are interesting to you, you will find “The 95 Theses” by Martin Luther rather exciting to read and analyze.
About “The 95 Theses
“The 95 Theses” was Martin Luther’s protest against the medieval Church. In “The 95 Theses”, he criticized the Roman Catholic Church. This document gave birth to a new trend in Christianity – Protestantism.
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About the background of “The 95 Theses
Do you know why Martin Luther decided to write “The 95 Theses”? Actually, the reason was a conflict between churchmen and ordinary people. The sixteenth century was the age of constant disputes about indulgencies within the Roman Catholic Church.
According to the rules established, every person who committed a sin had to pay money to the Church. Thus, he or she received forgiveness from God and Church. In fact, those rules were nothing but the way of earning money. Martin Luther decided to reveal that fraud, so he wrote “The 95 Theses”.
About the reaction of the Roman Catholic Church to “The 95 Theses
“The 95 Theses” became well known all over Europe very soon. Many people, regardless of class and status, supported the ideas covered in “The 95 Theses”. However, Pope Leo X forced Martin Luther to recant 41 purported errors.
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