300 Words about Library Research Papers

library research papersOne of the possible assignments you can get is to write library research papers. What do you know about library research papers?
Do you know their peculiar features?
Well, do not worry if you do not know that much. This article presents all necessary information about library research papers.
Some students still believe that one of the peculiar features of writing a library research paper is that students should spend all the time in libraries. Is it really so?
You are not really obliged to spend all your time in libraries to present a worthwhile library research paper.
Library research papers differ from other works by the ways of gathering information and its processing. While completing library research papers, students use different scientific works, analyze someone’s experiments, make use of the ideas offered by other scholars, etc…
In other words, the main thing about library research papers is that you should use already known facts and ideas. Your task is not to find out something “new” but focus on already proved theories, facts etc.
Here are several tips for writing library research papers that you should know:

  • Do not quote. You need to attribute each concept, idea, and definition to a certain literature source from which it was taken clearly.
  • Remember: all references in library research papers should correspond to the citation format required.
  • Use more than 5 sources while writing library research papers (for example, 2 primary sources – original papers, 2 secondary sources – reviews and critiques, and 2 Internet sources).
  • Make sure you present all information about the sources correctly (check each letter in names, each comma in references, and each number in dates of publication, chapters, etc.).

Hope this information about library research papers will help you start writing.
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