Keys to Writing a Thesis Proposal

writing a thesis proposalYou have made one of the most important decisions in your academic life! You have decided to write a thesis. Do you know what should be written and defended first? Well, you have one important mission – write a thesis proposal and get it approved!
So, do you have no ideas on how to start writing a thesis proposal? Or, do you just need a couple of hints to succeed in writing a thesis proposal? Anyway, this article will be interesting to you.
Once working on a thesis proposal, keep in mind that highly educated people will evaluate this work. So, make sure your thesis proposal is written accordingly.
Well, what is so special about writing a thesis proposal? The main purposes of writing a thesis proposal should help us answer this question.

  1. The first purpose is to get an approval to conduct research. Choose an interesting topic for consideration. Introduce it so that the thesis committee sees the importance of conducting your research and investigating this particular topic.
  2. Another purpose of writing a thesis proposal is to check the efficiency of your project. Your supervisor and the committee will evaluate it and make corrections on how to improve it.

While writing a thesis proposal, consider the following:

  • Try to avoid jargons and complicated terminology;
  • Build correct sentences (no need to make them too long);
  • Write up to the point;
  • Use illustrative material to attract the committee’s attention;
  • Make use of statistics.

Keep these tips in mind and start writing your thesis proposal!
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