Parts of a Research Paper

parts of your research paperDo you have to compose research paper parts? Are you lost in all the requirements and instructions given by your tutor? Do you not know what information should be presented in each of the parts of your research paper? Do not give way to despair! You will create all parts of your research paper properly with the help of this article. So, are you ready? Then, go on reading!

  1. Parts of a Research paper: Introduction
  2. The main purpose of an introduction is to present the problem under consideration to the reader. Your introduction should include the following information:

    • Subject of your investigation;
    • Thesis statement;
    • Purposes of research;
    • Expectations from research.
  3. Parts of a Research paper: Literature Review
  4. A literature review is your critical analysis of the sources found. If you want to write a good literature review, answer the following questions:

    • What theories/approaches/concepts on the problem exist?
    • What do researchers think about the problem you consider?
    • Does the problem have any controversies? What are they?
  5. Parts of a Research paper: Methodology
  6. To write this part successfully means to dwell upon the following points:

    • What research methods did you chose?
    • Why did you choose these particular methods?
    • How effective are they?
  7. Parts of a Research Paper: Data Presentation

    This part is certainly the easiest one and you will not have many problems completing it. Use figures to present the initial data in your paper.

  8. Parts of a Research Paper: Data Interpretation
  9. Explain every image or figure inserted. Say what this or that data might mean. Use clear language and simple sentences to show that you understand what you are talking about.

  10. Parts of a Research Paper: Conclusion
  11. What conclusions did you draw after conducting thorough research? What did you come up to? This is what you should talk about in this part of the research paper.

Remember, to complete each of the research paper parts does not mean to complete the paper yet. Your final paper should be coherent. So, mind the transitions between the parts of your research paper.
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