Top 3 Ideas for Queen Victoria Essays

essays on Queen VictoriaDo you want to strike your tutor by a brilliant Queen Victoria essay? Well, this article suggests top 3 ideas for Queen Victoria essays. They will give you an opportunity to show your research abilities and analytical thinking. Thus, you get more chances to succeed.

  1. Analyze the letter from a high imperial commissioner of China to the queen Victoria
  2. This letter can easily be found on the web. Read it and analyze the following issues in your essay on Queen Victoria:

    • The subject of the letter;
    • The purpose that the high imperial pursued by sending it;
    • The general tone (whether it is friendly or hostile);
    • The ending of the letter (what the high imperial of China came up to or what he insisted on/demanded);
    • Queen’s feedback. How did her answer influence the development of the historic events? How did it influence the development of the country in general?
  3. Investigate the first coin depicting Queen Victoria
  4. “The 1839 Una and the Lion Gold” is a real finding for a present day coins collector. It is also a good idea that can be developed in essays on Queen Victoria. When discussing it in your essays on Queen Victoria, consider the following questions:

    • What was the pre-history of the coin creation?
    • Whose idea was it?
    • Who made it?
    • How did Victoria like the coin?
    • Can we regard “The 1839 Una and the Lion Gold” to be the reflection of Victoria’s golden era? Why?
  5. Discuss the myths about Queen Victoria
  6. On the one hand, essays on Queen Victoria discussing myths about her may be scandalous indeed. On the other hand, essays on Queen Victoria devoted to this topic can intrigue the reader. You just have to provide strong arguments and reasonable evidences in favor of a certain statement.

So, good luck with the essay on Queen Victoria!
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