How to Make a Literature Analysis Essay

literature analysis essayA literature analysis essay is a paper that aims to demonstrate understanding of a text. Below, you will find reliable information on how to write a literature analysis essay.
What literature can you analyze in the essay?
Usually, students studying World Literature can be assigned to write American Literature essays, British Literature essays, and even Philippine Literature essays. However, the main purpose is approximately the same as well as the issues they have to consider in literature analysis essays.
How to analyze a text
Before you start writing the literature analysis essay, you have to take the following steps:

  • Identify the basic ideas, events, and names.
  • Think over your personal attitude to the story read.
  • Find the most important ideas of the book. Mind your study guide and class discussions.
  • Find specific evidences and examples that might be useful for your literature analysis essay.

How to write a literature analysis essay
Here are the guidelines that will help you write a powerful literature analysis essay:

  1. Set your personal statement about the text.
  2. Give a short summary of the book you are discussing in the literature analysis essay.
  3. Cite a passage. Remember about the importance of sticking to the format required while writing the literature analysis essay.
  4. Discuss why this passage is important.
  5. Tell what is said in the passage and what ideas are expressed.
  6. Analyze how it is said. Mind the language used, the structure of sentences, and the order of ideas. How does all this contribute to the meaning of the passage?
  7. Explain the meaning of these ideas. Support your statements with the examples and evidences found.

A literature analysis essay can also be the basis for a coursework in Literature.
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