Everything about Term Paper Format

term paper formatTerm paper writing is a complicated and time-consuming process. There are so many things you have to do! Choosing a topic, searching for materials, composing the paper itself are all parts of one project – a term paper.
Very often, students pay special attention to the content of their projects. Well, perhaps, they are right, since the sense of your work is of great significance. However, tutors are much more captious and pay attention to the smallest details in your paper.
That is why term paper format is something you should take seriously as well. Some students do not really understand what term paper format means. We will disclose its meaning in this article.
So, term paper format includes:

  1. General structure of your project. Usually, term paper format requires the following structure:
    • Abstract;
    • Introduction ;
    • Main body;
    • Conclusion;
    • Bibliography list.
  2. General writing requirements. This point of term paper formatting is devoted to organization of your project. It includes:
    • margins (1-1, 5 inches);
    • font (Times New Roman 12);
    • spacing (double-spaced);
    • pagination, etc.
  3. Citing sources – is one of the most significant points of any term paper format. Many students cannot get why documenting sources is so important. First of all, it is the main evidence that you did not plagiarize. Second, it is a possibility for the reader to find this or that source and use it if necessary. Thus, pay special attention to such requirement for term paper format.
  4. Just do not forget that this requirement for term paper formatting may vary depending on the citation style that you will use.

  5. Writing style is another significant point in term paper formatting. Mind the following hints:
    • Use active voice;
    • Vary the length of your sentences, but do not make them too long and complicated;
    • Use synonyms and avoid repetitions;
    • Avoid needless words, like issues, due to, etc.

You see that term paper formatting includes several important parts. Each of them will influence the final result of your work.

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