Useful Tips on Term Paper Formatting

term papers formatLet us imagine that you admire your term paper and you have worked on it with a great pleasure. All necessary material was collected, you conducted a considerable research. Well, everything is finished, you submitted your paper and expect to get a good grade. But whoops! Your grade is not what you have expected. Gosh! What has happened? My tutor went crazy. This is your first thought. Do not worry, your tutor is all right. It is just you failed to stick to the required term papers format. We are here to give you some helpful tips on term paper formatting.
First of all, it should be mentioned that there are several most popular term paper formats: APA, MLA and Chicago. You will have to choose an appropriate term paper format depending on the discipline you are writing your paper for. What is more, you can ask your tutor about some extra requirements for the necessary term paper format.
Below you will find some general requirements for term paper format:

  • You should use double spaces within the whole text of your work.
  • You should leave one space between the words.
  • All the margins should be set at one inch.
  • If you paginate your work, it should be done in the top right corner, Arabic numbers.
  • Term papers format does not allow you to print your work on any other paper except white.
  • Also remember that your work should be printed only on one side of the paper.

  • Term paper format calls you to pay attention to the citations. Every term paper format has its own rules for arranging citations. This is why you should talk to your tutor or search for special manuals or guidelines for each format separately.

So, mind these basic rules and you will definitely get the grade you want.

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