Dissertation Introduction- a Good Start!

Any of us knows how hard it is to start writing a paper. To start working on your dissertation introduction is also hard, especially if inspiration has left you.
Do not start with a dissertation introduction!
Hmmm… This advice sounds rather weird, do not you think so?! Let us try to break some writing stereotypes about writing dissertation chapters – you may and even have to start with the body of your dissertation, not the dissertation introductions.
You see, it is hard to start with writing a dissertation introduction if you are not “warmed up” yet, if you do not have a clear idea what your paper will be about. So, many experienced students work on their dissertation introductions at the very end of the writing process. This way, they clearly know how they would like to introduce the thesis statement in their dissertation introductions.
Besides, even if you decide to start with writing your dissertation introduction, any way, there is much work to be done before producing the first sentence of your dissertation introductions. Before writing a dissertation introduction, you need to identify the intended audience and the purpose of your paper. Only then, you can take a pen or open your laptop and start writing a dissertation introduction.
Certainly, your dissertation introduction should impress your examiner from the very first sentence. How can you do that? You may:

  • place a suitable quote right after the title of your paper;
  • start your dissertation introduction with a surprising statement (a controversial one);
  • tell a story that will gradually flow into the thesis statement of your paper.

Do not forget that your dissertation conclusion should reemphasize the main idea stated in the introduction!
Now, you need to decide what techniques you want to use for writing your dissertation introduction and start working!

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