Dissertation Layout – the Way to a Good Dissertation

I think nobody will argue that every work, especially a hard one, should be planned. This allows not only making this work perfect, but also makes it considerably easy. Your dissertation is not an exception. Moreover, if you want your dissertation to be successful, creating a dissertation layout is vital. And, of course, we are ready to give you a piece of helpful advice on dissertation layouts.
Usually, students make a dissertation layout themselves. The main aim of a dissertation layout, as you can guess, is to facilitate your work. The form of a dissertation layout is up to you. You can make a list or a plan. If you want you can even use your imagination and make a colorful dissertation layout. The most important thing is that it should be clear and convenient for you. You may also talk about your dissertation layout with the advisor. He or she will give you a hint of what can be improved and corrected in your dissertation layout.
Below you will find hints on a dissertation layout and its parts.

  1. Introduction. In this part you should give information on the topic of your dissertation and those goals that you are going to achieve.
  2. The next part of your dissertation layout should introduce information on avaiable data.
  3. After that you should explain the reasons why you have chosen this data and make an analysis of the sources that you have used. Say whether they are relevant enough and whether the problem of the work is studied properly.
    • The next part of your dissertation layout is analysis. You should be very careful and attentive here. The analysis of your work allows you to understand the topic better and see all the disadvantages of your research.
    • Conclusions. In this part you will have to make a summary and state whether the goals of your work were achieved. If not, what are the reasons?
    • References. This part is a list of the sources and literature used in your dissertation.

So, these were the main points of dissertation layouts.

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