Hints on Graduate Thesis Writing

graduate thesisDo you know that the last step to your degree is graduate thesis writing (ok, and its defense)? So, before you actually graduate, before this long expected day comes, you need to accomplish the last assignment – to show all your skills and knowledge in your graduate thesis.
You should be ready for this! Well, I think you do understand that graduate thesis writing is not an easy task. It will take a lot of time and efforts. You have to work a lot in order to achieve good results. If you want to get your Master’s degree, then you should demonstrate that you are really worth it!
Your graduate thesis is a piece of work that presents your investigation and abilities to work with the sources. You will also defend your graduate thesis in front of the committee – it will be the last step.
I want to present you a kind of a skeleton for your graduate thesis. You may use it as your own, but do not forget to add there interesting information on the chosen topic.

  • Presents a brief review of your graduate thesis (300 words). Tells the readers about the main issues raised in this graduate theses
  • Contains information on the topic and methods of the work. The main purpose is to interest the readers and point out the goals of writing.

  • Helps you prove that you have worked with the sources and now you are able to analyze and compare your research with the other research on the same topic.
  • Discloses the topic of the graduate thesis and gives necessary information. It is the result of your work – if your readers understand the material, then you did everything properly.
  • Tells about the results – a little overview of all done work. Points out what can be done more on the topic and what has been achieved.
  • Shows what sources have been used in the process of writing. Can easily prove that this graduate thesis is not a copy – you have worked and you have analyzed.

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