Oh, Paris! Oh, French Coursework!

You might have guessed from the very title that the matter of this article is French coursework, to be more specific the process of writing French coursework. In this article we are not going to talk about the main requirements for French courseworks, since there are a lot of articles in the internet concerning this subject.
We would like to talk about possible topics for your French courseworks.

  • Paris, the city of love. In your French coursework you are welcome to investigate this mysterious city, Paris. It attracts everyone’s attention, but what are the main reasons for this?
  • Victor Marie Hugo and his Notre Dame de Paris. This novel casts a spell on every reader – it leaves a deep and lasting impression. You may try to guess this enigma around the novel in your French coursework. You may be sure that it will not be boring, since everything that is cloaked in mystery cannot be boring.
  • Bobino and its marvelous performances. Not so many people know that Bobino is one of the greatest Paris theatres. You may research its history in your French coursework and introduce this wonderful place to the readers.

  • Tuileries Garden. The history of this garden always attracts people’s attention, and you are sure to benefit if you investigate it in your French courseworks. There were a lot of interesting historical and romantic events, and you can inform your group mates on this amazing place.
  • Ark de Triomphe. It is considered to be the treasure of Paris. So, you can touch the sacred thing if you choose this for investigation in your French coursework.

As far as you can see, this list can be continued. You are the only person to choose the most original and catchy topic for your French coursework.

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