History Research Paper about the World War One

history research paperSometimes, students of the History Department are assigned to write History research papers. Sometimes particular topics are given to them; sometimes students are free to choose any topic they like. If you are free to pick out any topic you like for your History research paper, I suggest that you should write about the 1st World War. In this case, this article can be really helpful for you.
Below you will find a list of issues possible to include into History research papers about the 1st World War.

  • The Introduction. This part of your History research paper will dwell upon the purposes of your investigation. What purposes can you pursue in your History research paper? Of course, you will intend to investigate the reasons, the progress of historical events and the results of the World War One;
  • The world before the 1st World War. In this part of your History research paper you may consider the economic and political situation in the countries participating in war. Here you can also say about the pre-history of the conflict;
  • The reasons for the beginning of the war. The following reasons can be introduced in your History research paper:
    • Germany aimed at taking the economic, military and political leadership on the continent;
    • Russia made a claim to get access to the Mediterranean Sea;
    • France intended to return Elsass-Lothringen;
    • Great Britain wanted to take revenge on Germany, since it supported the leaders of revolt in Great Britain.

  • The progress of war events. This part of your History research paper will aim at considering the most essential strategies of 2 blocks: Tripartite Alliance and Entente;
  • The results of the war. This paragraph of your History research paper will talk about the outcomes of the 1st World War;
  • The Conclusion. Your History research paper should, of course, have a good and reasonable conclusion. So, tell about the research conducted and conclusions withdrawn.

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