Argumentative Research Paper

Many people tend to think that the art of argumentation is not that difficult. As a result, they are deeply surprised when get to know nobody agrees with them. In fact, argumentation requires giving good examples and being logically consecutive. Argumentative research paper is a kind of paper that demonstrates your logical thinking and ability to convince people in the correctness of your assumptions.
Argumentative research paper writing is the act of making inductions, forming reasons and drawing correspondent conclusions. What you should keep in mind when writing your argumentative research paper is that you should not prove your viewpoint completely, you should convince your reader that your opinion has a merit. You should persuade your reader that your viewpoint is more complete and accurate than the other points of view.
How to write argumentative research papers? What to start with? What to finish with? Let us answer these questions:

  • Start writing your argumentative research paper with a thesis statement. Explain why it is so significant and relevant. Convince your reader in the timeliness of your assertion;
  • Provide your reader with a critical review of the literature on the problem you are investigating in your argumentative research paper. What do the great minds say about this problem? What evidences do they provide to prove their assumptions? In other words, present a deep and thorough analysis of the literature in your argumentative research paper;
  • Show how your argument is better than the other ones. Why are your methods of considering the problem more applicable? Are they more convenient than the other ones? Are they easier in usage?

Finally, you should proofread and edit your argumentative research paper draft. Check the spelling, grammar, punctuation and the format of your argumentative research paper. It is better to read it to anyone who has an idea of what you have been investigating. If you manage to convince those people, you may be sure that your argumentative research paper is a real success.

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