Secrets of Writing a Research Papers Introduction

You are writing a research paper and you plan to write a really good one. You expect to get not only a high grade on it, but also to attract the readers’ attention. You dream that everybody will like your work and you will be recognized as a young scientist.
Well, that is great and if you have this strong desire, you will get everything you want. But do you know what the secret of successful research papers is. Do you know how the readers’ attention can be conquered? Only research papers introduction can do it. If it is poor, you will not be recognized as a young scientist, because nobody will simply read your work. This is why, research papers introduction is something that you should take very seriously.
So, research papers introduction is a part of your work that the reader will notice first. It should be strong, creative and attention-grabbing. Research papers introduction will make the first impression of your paper and the reader will understand at once whether this work is worth reading till the end.
There are no strict rules as for when to make your research paper introduction. Some students prefer to write it before they write a research paper itself. Other students write their research paper introduction somewhere in the middle of the whole work or even at the end. They do it because at these points of work they know absolutely everything about their research papers. So, it is up to you when to write your research paper introduction.
Now, let us tell you some secrets of winning your research paper introduction.

  • Introduction can start with a short anecdote that will illustrate the content of your paper.
  • Introduction can start with a question that will be answered in the course of your work.
  • Introduction may begin with a quotation, interesting fact or analogy.

Actually, you can start your research paper introduction with whatever you like. The only requirement that you have to follow is that it should be catching and a bit intriguing.

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