Dissertation Format: Let Us Break the Rules!

If you want to get a good grade on your work, you should know all possible requirements and rules. When you deal with writing a dissertation, you should certainly know everything about your dissertation format. You should study different dissertation formats. You should use only this dissertation format. Boring. Simple. Not catching. You need more?!
Dissertation formats have been created by people who wanted to be limited by certain rules, so they got what they wanted. Now you, dear students, are suffering because of different dissertation formats and possible dissertation writing rules! Let us break them!
Rule # 1 for your dissertation writing
NO DISSERTATION FORMATS! We do not need this. You have your own valuable ideas, so develop them!
Rule #2 for your dissertation writing
NO DISSERTATION REQUIREMETS! It will be much better to write a project according to your personal rules! The possibilities will increase in numbers!
Rule #3 for your dissertation writing
NO DISSERTATION SAMPLES! Such project limits your imagination and you are stuck at certain frames!
May be it is high time to offer your own dissertation format? All you need is just to prove your ideas, present logical explanation for your proposition and here it is – a new, modern dissertation format!
Of course, in order to do this, you had better study the early offered dissertation formats, point out their weak sides and try to improve them. I can tell you even more, it will be a good dissertation on Education: Dissertation Format – Is It Possible to Improve It?
So, in such case you should sit down, think about everything, weight all “+” and “- “, and present it in a written form. No one will tell you that it will be easy, but it is a real challenge and you should cope with it. May be it is you, who can present a new, fresh idea of a dissertation format and create a new style of writing dissertations!

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