An Inspector Calls Coursework

It is quite difficult to choose a topic for An Inspector Calls courseworks. However, if you read this article attentively, it will become much easier.

  • You may just discover in details the plot of this play in your An Inspector Calls courseworks. In this case, you will first tell about the play’s author – J.B.Priestley, about his works as a whole and about ‘An Inspector Calls’ in particular. Then, you will briefly describe the plot of the play. Finally, you will tell how the play influenced drama of those times. You may also mention the critics’ points of view.
  • You may also consider one of the main characters in An Inspector Calls coursework. Let us remind you that the main characters of the play are Mr. Arthur Birling, Mrs. Sybil Birling, Gerald Croft, Sheila Birling, Eric Birling, and, of course, Inspector Goole and Eva Smith. Your An Inspector Calls coursework may analyze their characters, their interrelations etc.
  • You may also analyze the influence of the play on the modern drama, or on the political and social life. You may try to evaluate the relevancy of the play.
  • You are encouraged to develop your own ideas as for the topic or consult your advisor if you face some difficulties when identifying the topic for your An Inspector Calls coursework.

Remember that it is desirable that the topic was original, and you were the first who decided to write such a coursework. It should be interesting and captivating. You may spend a lot of time working out the topic of An Inspector Calls coursework. If it seems to be too difficult for you, ask your friends or your teacher to help you.
Do not forget that the quality and the significance of the whole work depend on the quality of the topic you will choose for An Inspector Calls coursework.

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