Citing Research Papers

Citing research papers is one of the most important parts of your whole work, since it is the main indicator of your research procedure. While researching, you had to read and analyze a lot of literature sources. On the basis of the sources analysis, you write your research paper itself.
There are certain linguistic associations, investigating the processes taking place in the language of the present day English. Each of them established a certain style of writing, citing and formatting the scientific works. Among them are: APA style, Chicago style, MLA style and few others. Every academic institution chooses the most appropriate style for writing student academic papers. That is why, before writing a research paper, get to know what style of citing a research paper you should use.
When citing your research paper references in the text, you should indicate the serial number of the quotations and phrases inserted. It is preferable to type the serial numbers in a certain sequence by using italics. Each number of the references should refer to a single source. The references collected should be placed on a separate page called a bibliography page. The section of your references should consist of a numbered list and should be single-spaced. It is undesirable to leave blanks between the references.
Citing research papers: MLA style. Implies that your works cited section should be listed alphabetically. MLA style of citing a research paper implies that the sources should also be presented within the text.
Citing research papers: APA style. You have to list the sources of your research paper alphabetically on a separate page, following the last page of the text. Entries should appear in alphabetical order according to the last name of the author.
Citing research papers: Chicago style. According to Chicago style of citing a research paper, each quotation or a paraphrase is signed by a certain superscript number.

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