Research Paper Editing

Research paper editing is the most essential step that should be taken as soon as your research paper draft is finished. That is why research paper editing should not be passed over lightly. Below you will find the points of your research paper that should be proofread and edited.
Research Paper Editing: Title page
Make sure that your title page is done in correspondence with the rules of the required style of formatting.
Research Paper Editing: Page Numbers
The page numbers should be placed on each page starting from the introductory part of your research paper.
Research Paper Editing: Abbreviation
Make sure that the list of abbreviations is presented on a separate page and everything is explained in words.
Research Paper Editing: Table of Contents
Check whether each of the page numbers is placed in front of the required item.
Research Paper Editing: Misprints or Missed Words
This is, perhaps, the most frequent mistakes students make. So, check whether your research paper has no missed words or misprints.
Research Paper Editing: Footnotes and Endnotes
Make sure no foot/endnotes are omitted.
Research Paper Editing: Grammar and Spelling
Check your research paper on grammatical and spelling mistakes. You may use any dictionaries or the Internet.
Research Paper Editing: Punctuation.
Check the punctuation throughout your research paper. Pay special attention to the reference page of your project. Make sure each of the sources is formatted correctly in accordance with the rules of the required formatting style.
Research Paper Editing: General Organization of the Paper
Make sure that your topic is covered gradually, in a logical consequence. Check whether the pages are properly ordered.
Research Paper Editing: Appendices
Make sure that all graphs, tables, pictures or schemes used as appendices of your research paper are explained in words.
While your research paper editing, remember that the more mistakes you will find, the less your tutor will correct.

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