Dissertation Litteraire

Dissertation literature, dissertation litteraire, dissertation literatur- it does not matter how this phrase is pronounced/spelled in different countries and cultures – for students of the world its meaning remains the same.
So, how about we have some fun and call dissertation literature – “dissertation litteraire”?! Hopefully, you do not mind.
Sources of dissertation litteraire
We need to identify where you can find sources for your dissertation litteraire. Here are some of the traditional databases used by students from all over the world:

  • Library. There is nothing wrong in visiting your university library in the search for data for your dissertation litteraire. In fact, this place should become your “second home”, since the library is where you will spend the majority of your day working.
  • Internet. World Wide Web should not become the only source for your dissertation litteraire, since the Internet does not provide 100% reliable information.
  • Class notes. Your class notes should be the fundament of your dissertation, because they will give you brief, but precise information on the issue you are studying. Besides, teachers expect to see their lecture materials on the list of your dissertation litteraire.
  • Electronic databases (UMI database). This can become an option for your dissertation litteraire, since some students have already done some research on your topic and it would be helpful to see their findings. But be careful not to plagiarize somebody’s ideas and present them as your own- you would better include in-text citations.
  • Media. Information from news, magazines may also appear on the list of your dissertation litteraire.

As you can see, even the foreign interpretation of dissertation literature does not change the nature of this term. Do not worry, you are not the only one writing your dissertation- hundreds and thousands of other students have the same problem!

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