MLA Format Term Paper

MLA format term paper is an assignment with a particular set of requirements for its organization and writing style. While writing MLA format term paper, a student should possess sufficient knowledge of the requirements for the first page format, in-text citations, contents and the Works cited page. It is necessary to focus on each of the components of a student’s paper and explain the MLA guidelines for it.

The first page of MLA format term papers

Comparing the format of MLA and APA term paper, it should be mentioned that MLA term paper does not require a separate first page with detailed information about its author. Still, a student has to include his/her name, his/her teacher’s name, current date and the title of the course. Right after this information follows the centered assignment’s title and then, double spaced text of MLA format term paper.

The in-text citation of MLA format term paper

Each time a student quotes or paraphrases author’s words, he/she is supposed to place in-text citations in parentheses at the end of the sentence of MLA format term paper. A student is obliged to state author’s name and the page number (if there is no last name of the author or page number, it is necessary to mention the title of the source). Students, who neglect the importance of providing in-text citations, can be accused of plagiarism.

The Works cited page of MLA format term papers

The primary goal of any Works cited page is to provide evidence of a student’s research. The number of sources and the dates of publications affect a student’s final grade. The title “Works cited” should be placed in the center of the MLA format term paper’s page. All sources presented in Works cited page must be arranged alphabetically.

Additional information about MLA format term papers can be provided by a student’s course examiner.

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